Houses new and old develop roof and plumbing leaks. It is very important to stop leaks because they can quickly damage your house. Even a small leak over time will cause significant damage to your house. In fact before considering any other improvements to your house, it is wise to first fix all the the leaks. Not only will you be protecting the value of your home and what is inside it, but in many cases you will be saving money.

Roof or Plumbing Leak?

The most important thing to do is to find out your have a roof leak or a plumbing leak. It can be from the roof, or from either the hot or cold water pipes, or the the drain pipes. Sometimes the source of the leak is not obvious. Here are a few tips: If the water damage is in the ceiling of the top floor of the house, near or on a window or an exterior wall, not directly below a bathroom, then there is a good chance that it is a roof leak or rainwater leak. If the leak is under a bathroom, in the interior of the house, not on the top floor, then there is a good chance that the damage is caused by plumbing.

Check for Roof or Rainwater Leak

If you think you have a roof or rainwater leak, most of the time a roofer is the guy to make the repair. The most common are for a roof to leak is at the outlet, that is, where the water goes into the downspout. Simple caulking repairs some leaks. Sometimes you need a mason to do some brick pointing or stucco repair. Unfortunately, sometimes it is unclear which type of tradesman you need, and you will have to apply persistence to find the right person to fix it. It might take a few tries.

Check For Plumbing Leak

If you think you have a plumbing leak, you need to determine whether it is a supply leak, that is, the pressurized hot and cold water, or a drain leak. If it is bad enough to be dripping, turn off the main water valve in the basement, and see if the leak stops. Flush the toilet and run water in sinks and showers above the leak. if it is s slow leak, you will have to cut a hole in the plaster or drywall to see what kind of pipes are there. Don’t worry, the wall or ceiling has to be opened anyway to make the repair. Make a clean square or rectangular hole, rather than bashing a rough one. That will make it easier to repair.

Call a Roofer and a Plumber

If you still not sure what kind of leak it is, consult both a roofer and plumber. Sometimes with a small roof leak, the roofer will not be able to fix the leak the first time. It will take some trial and error.  The only way to know if a small leak is really fixed, is to patch and and prime the damaged area, and see if the damage comes back.

Don’t Ignore Even Small Leaks

Sometimes it is hard to track down a leak, especially the slow and small ones. It is still important to fix them. You don’t want your house drywall and paint to be damaged, and you certainly don’t want mold to get started. Termites need water to destroy wood. In the Phila area, a good plumber is Goffredo Plumbing and Heating,, and Loonstyn Roofing, more info