Does this House Have Structural Wood Damage?


Houses are usually made of masonry and wood. Both the masonry and the wood can be structurally damaged. This is a big topic, so let’s start with taking a look what sound wood structure looks like, and what structural wood damage looks like. 

Undamaged Wood

Undamaged floor framing and subfloor


The first picture shows what undamaged floor framing looks like in an older University City Home that is about 100 years old.

Structural Wood Damage From Water

Structural Damage to Floor Joist

Structural Damage to Floor Joist

The second photo shows similar framing that has suffered structural wood damage from water and subsequent termites. Framing is often damaged at the end because moisture can remain in the joist pocket where the wood sits on the masonry foundation wall.

The smaller pieces of wood in the foreground are remains of a basement finish out. They are not structural.

Water Stains of Painted Floor Joists

Water Stains on Painted Floor Joists

The third phots shows water damaged wood that has been painted white. Notice the dark stains on the wood and the brick basement walls.

Repairs to Structurally Damaged Wood

Structural Wood Repairs

The fourth photo shows the repairs that were done in the area of the third photo. The damage was so extensive that some of the flooring had to be replaced. This house was quite rundown before the repairs were made.  Most structural problems can be fixed as long as they are isolated. At a certain point, if a house has been leaking for too long, the house is a total loss. But this takes many years.

These are only a few examples of wood structure damage. Evaluating a home for structural damage take training and experience. For your peace of mind, have Top Inspections LLC inspect your home. 

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